JFK - New York

New York is for everyone! See some great tips to help make your trip unforgettable 

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different things there are around the world? So many colors, ways of dressing, foods, scents. There are so many people with different cultures and habits, it makes us want to know them all at the same time. And if anywhere in the world can bring together those infinite cultures, that place is New York.

Located on an island in the American state by same name, New York is an icon of cosmopolitan life. Besides the residents, who come from every corner of the world, over 50 million people visit the “Big Apple” every year.

So, if you plan on traveling there, or if you’ve already been there and plan to return, here are some golden tips for visiting the city made famous by Frank Sinatra in the song “New York, New York”.
Now for the question burning in everyone’s mind: what is there to do in NY? A great deal. So much, in fact, that you can’t forego doing some research on the places you would most enjoy visiting. But we can give you a hand with that.

Let’s start with the museums!

The Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, is an absolute must on your sightseeing list. Right at the entrance, you come face to face with one of the most famous pieces of art in the world, Van Gogh’s Starry Night. This was one of the first museums in the city dedicated to modern art. If you go on a Friday afternoon, admission is free.

Meanwhile, the four-story American Museum of Natural History offers a tour through history. Exhibits include fossils, wax sculptures of primates and stuffed animals, for a fascinating view of prehistoric times.

Your list should also include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with over two million pieces on display, and the Guggenheim Museum, with its incredible architecture and collection.
For the romantics

If you’re traveling to New York on your honeymoon or a trip for two, don’t forget: Central Park is one of the most romantic spots in the city. An excellent place to get some fresh air and take a walk through lush greenery, including the famous Strawberry Fields.

Admiring beautiful sceneries always moves lovestruck couples, so visit one of the highest points in the city for a panoramic view. The Empire State Building is beautiful, especially around dusk, and its observation deck offers one of the most dazzling views of Manhattan.

Boat tours, ice-skating together at Rockefeller Center (during the winter, of course), and why not a visit to the Statue of Liberty? It should also be on the list for lovebirds.
After getting your tickets, the next step is to find a good place to stay. On a trip of this magnitude, you should plan on staying at least a week and making the most of every second of your time there.

Since the island is almost completely spanned by a subway system that's open 24/7, rest assured: a hotel near a subway station solves half of your transportation problems.

The best neighborhoods to stay are near Times Square or 5th Avenue. You’ll spend no more than 20 minutes getting to the subway and, from there, you can go anywhere you want.

If hotels are not your style, you can look for alternative lodging, such as hostels. Some of them offer excellent infrastructure in shared rooms at lower prices. The perk here is that you can meet lots of other travelers from all over the world!

Another option is to rent a comfortable apartment! That’s right! There are websites that offer this option for short stays, letting you keep your piggy bank in one piece. For around $250 per day, you can rent a nice loft for two people.
New York offers much more than hamburgers. The convergence of people from every corner of the world affords the city an enormous variety of cuisines. Just a few meters from the Metropolitan Museum, a mansion from the 30s houses the delicious Italian restaurant Crown. Daniel Boulud is one of the city’s most famous French restaurants.

Go on an adventure in Chinatown! In addition to the eclectic markets and the wide range of cultures, you will find that Chinese cuisine has a strong presence. In this neighborhood you can find everything from street vendors to more specialized restaurants, such as Ping.

One of the most interesting places to have dinner is on the Hudson river. That’s right! There are small craft that take you on a pleasant trip while serving you a delicious dinner. The decoration is left to the city lights and the night sky.

But if you want to truly get into the Manhattan mood, a hot dog is a must.  Try Gray’s Papaya (402 Avenue of the Americas), one of the best in the city. It’s open 24 hours a day and everything there is delicious.

And if you still can’t resist having a hamburger, go to P. J. Clarke’s or Minetta Tavern.