BVB - Boa Vista


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The capital of Roraima is the only Brazilian state capital completely in the Northern Hemisphere. A planned city of concentric design, inspired by the urban geometry invented by Baron Haussmann for Paris. The Joaquim Nabuco Civic Center Square is at the city’s center and is where the executive, legislative and judicial powers meet.

Boa Vista, whose cultural traditions are of indigenous and northeastern influence, dates back to the 19th century, when farmers settled on the Rio Branco river basin.

Near Venezuela and Guiana, the municipality is in an area of great biodiversity, close to the forest and savannah.  It is the starting point for those going to Mount Roraima, located on the border of three countries and soaring almost 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) into the air.


Only six years ago, the Taumanan (word of macuxi origin meaning peace) beach was created, a great common area on the margin of the Rio Branco, where there are restaurants, burger places and stages for shows.  The historic city center is also close by.

Don’t forget to check out the Prelazia, built in 1907, in the neoclassic style. It used to function as a hospital and the residence of priests and bishops; it also housed two schools for indigenous girls, and was once used as state government headquarters. Also visit the São Marcos indigenous reservation 140km (95 mi) from Boa Vista, where you will find the Pedra Pintada (painted rock), containing inscriptions made by ancient civilizations.

During the dry season, take the chance to relax on the river beaches.