CXJ - Caxias do Sul

Caxias do Sul

Capital of the highlands

Less than 150 km (93 mi) from Porto Alegre, Caxias has a respectable industrial park, which elevates the city to the rank of the second largest economy in the state. However, when speaking of Rio Grande do Sul, it is only natural that progress go hand in hand with local traditions.

The Italian immigration in the region had an impact on more than just the industrial progress.  It left its mark everywhere: in the architecture, in the culinary and on tourism.

In terms of tourism, the city is the best gateway to the Vale dos Vinhedos (Valley of Vineyards), in nearby Bento Gonçalves. It is also well-positioned to explore the German side of the Rio Grande do Sul’s highlands, in Gramado, Canela and Nova Petrópolis. But don’t leave Caxias before first seeing everything it has to offer. You’ll be surprised!


The main tourist attractions were organized into six routes by the Department of Tourism. The La Città route shows downtown,  going past the Immigrant Monument, the São Pelegrino church, and a replica of the city in the 19th century. In the rural areas you can visit typical houses of the Italian immigrants, vineyards, and even a castle where the Château Lacave wines are made.

The galeterias (traditional Italian restaurants) are a local institution: they serve chicken al primo canto (spring chicken), accompanied by a lot of pasta, polenta and chicory. By combining the Italian gastronomic culture and that of the gaucho, the galeterias attest to the perfect adaptation of the immigrants to their new home.