XAP - Chapecó

For exportation

Chapecó  is one of the largest cities in western Santa Catarina. But because it is on the border of Rio Grande do Sul, it maintains some of its neighbor’s traditions – the statue of the ax-wielding gaucho frontiersman, the local symbol, makes that clear.

Chapecó sits on a road intersection and is an agro-industry center, its economy is based on cattle, poultry and pork meat processing and exporting. Large meat packing companies have their headquarters or important bases of operations here.

Downtown has a well-organized traffic and a concentration of hotels, restaurants and services.  The industrial district is in the suburbs where you find country homes and farms and rural tourism locations.


Some museums are attention grabbers. The most interesting ones are the Fritz Plaumann Entomological Museum, dedicated to insects housing a collection of over 80 thousand cataloged specimens; and the Tropeiro Velho Museum (Old Drover Museum) where gaucho traditions dating back to the colonization of Chapecó are remembered.

When in the rural areas, a stop at the Uruguay River is a must on your way down from the highlands. Make a stop at the Ferradura (Horseshoe) Viewpoint, located on the access road to the neighborhoods of Alto Capinzal and São José do Capinzal.

If you need to relax, enjoy the hot springs resorts in the Marechal Bormann district.