COR - Córdoba

Irreverent quartet

Founded in 1573, at the geographic center of Argentina, Cordoba is one of the country's oldest cities. The Jesuits installed the first university in southern Latin America here, which earned Cordoba the nickname "La Docta" (The Learned). The city’s historical heritage is well preserved: strolling around downtown you see churches and monuments from the 16th and 17th centuries.

But the city doesn’t rely on its past. Cordoba is the country’s second largest city, and a respectable metropolis.  It is the headquarters to three automobile manufacturers and has become a promising technological center.

A good subway system and bus lanes help people enjoy urban life and the city's fun bohemian flare. On weekends, do what Argentineans do and go up to the charming mountain estates that surround the city.

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Cordoba is the only metropolis in the Southern Cone with preserved Jesuit missions in the middle of the downtown area: the Manzana Jesuitica (Jesuit Mansion) , near the San Martin Plaza. Close by you can visit the Belas Artes Evita Peron museum , housed in the beautiful Palacio Ferreyra.

At night, try the city's official drink, Fernet with Coke, and discover the rhythm that puts the Tango to shame: the quartet. The bars are all in Nueva Cordoba; the clubs in Ex-Abasto (on the other side of the river) and in Chateau Carreras (for the playboys). The culinary route goes through the Cerro de Las Rosas.

When it’s time to rest, your best bet is to head to the mountain estates, like Villa General Belgrano, La Cumbre, or La Cumbrecita.