CZS - Cruzeiro do Sul


Forest star

The poetic name pays homage to the constellation that dominates the Brazilian skies, the Southern Cross. But the city is in the middle of another national symbol captured in the colors of the flag: the Amazon Forest, on the margins of the Juruá river, in westernmost Brazil. The country’s newest national park is nearby,  the Serra do Divisor (dividing range).

While the capital, Rio Branco, is closer to Bolivia, Cruzeiro do Sul is close to Peru and is one of Acre’s main economic hubs – whereby it is appropriately known as the “capital of the inlands.”

Like all authentic Amazonian cities, Cruzeiro do Sul can only be reached by air or river. The BR-364 highway is only passable during the dry season, from July to September. During the flood season, the Juruá river floods the lowlands.


Prior to colonization the region was occupied by the Nauá Indians, whose culture is still very much present.

The city was founded in 1904 and preserves some of its historical marks. The Port Station is from 1912, and was built in a colonial English style. The Caio Valadares Courthouse is neo-classic. The Nossa Senhora da Gloria Cathedral, built in 1957, is curiously German, and shaped like an octagon.  The Santa Terezinha Institute is medieval gothic and the headquarters of the Commercial Association is classical Roman.

Cool off in Igarapé Preto, with its beaches and natural pools; it is close to the highway that connects the city to the airport.