CWB - Curitiba


Head of the class

By Ricardo Freire

It wasn’t enough to organize city traffic, find an effective formula for public transportation and create green spaces.  As it transformed into a model city, Curitiba took the opportunity to launch itself as a tourist destination.

Along with the bus lanes and the new parks, new visitor spots were created, like the Wire Opera House (Ópera de Arame), the Botanical Garden’s Glass Palace, and most recently the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.  The traditional Santa Felicidade pubs, today, are just a folkloric finish for tours filled with attractions.

They didn’t have to go so far.  Curitiba’s urban quality already makes the city a top of the list travel destination.  For business or pleasure, it’s a joy to discover that such a large Brazilian state capital can run so smoothly.


O que fazer em Curitiba

Curitiba has had for many years something that many traditional tourist destinations still don’t: a two story bus to tour all of the city’s attractions.  The Turismo Line goes from downtown to Santa Felicidade, passing by all the parks and museums (make sure to see the Rail Museum, the Perfume Museum and the Ukrainian Memorial).

In the evening, head towards Batel, a central neighborhood with countless bars and restaurants, many of them lining Bispo Dom José Street (the continuation of Batel Avenue).

At the very first opportunity, take the Serra do Mar Express, the most beautiful train line in operation in Brazil. It winds through Serra do Mar (coastal mountain range) to the historic city of Morretes; once there, feast on an authentic barreado.