FLN - Florianópolis


The favorite

By Ricardo Freire

In recent years, no city has made such a huge impression around the country as Florianópolis. The combination of “42 beaches” with “quality of life” makes Floripa a sought-after destination both for vacationing and for setting up residence.

Highways, a tunnel and overpasses have been built to accommodate the city’s growth, which continues to attract well-educated migrants with high purchasing power.

However, the transformation of the sleepy capital of yesteryear into the modern metropolis of today has not affected the island’s diversity. Azorean villages, fishing colonies, untouched beaches and preserved forests remain where they’ve always been, just a few minutes from the city center.

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O que fazer em Florianópolis

The 42 beaches have distinct purposes. For lounging on the beach, Jurerê International. For people-watching and rustic landscape, Praia Mole and Point do Riozinho, in the Campeche neighborhood. To take the kids, Lagoinha de Ponta das Canas. For hiking, Lagoinha do Leste. Nudist? Galheta. Surfing: with creature comforts, Praia Brava; in an untamed environment, Moçambique; next to a fishing village, Matadeiro.

Don’t miss the opportunity to eat oysters near the pools where they are raised – at the Azorean villages of Ribeirão da Ilha and Santo Antônio de Lisboa (especially recommended at sunset).

The nightlife is liveliest close to Bocaiúva Street (Downtown), at Canto da Lagoa, and at the small center at Lagoa da Conceição.