FOR - Fortaleza



Solar power

By Ricardo Freire

Summer arrives at Fortaleza first. The sun starts shining in June and is only offset by another force of nature: wind. Together, the power of the sun and wind seem to propel the development of the newest northeastern metropolis.

It is easy to understand the city. Fortelza spreads out from the west – where the old city center is - to the east. The central beaches are beautiful, but they are just for show. Futuro beach, only 10 minutes by car on Beira-Mar Avenue, is the place for those who want to wade into the ocean. The city’s new business center is further ahead, after the Iguatemi mall.

There are so many things to see in the surrounding areas that many visitors don’t enjoy the city to its fullest. Before committing to a tour a day, make sure to enjoy all Fortaleza has to offer.


O que fazer em Fortaleza

Downtown, visit the Jose Alencar theater and check out the crafts at the Tourism Center. For exclusive pieces, however, go to Ceart, on  Santo Dumont Ave., 1589.

The Dragão do Mar (dragon of the sea) Cultural Center – or simply “Dragon” – houses movie theaters, a museum, planetarium, and lively bars in the evenings. The hotel area in Beira-Mar also has a self contained nightlife – but the culinary center is at the Varjota neighborhood with the central target on Frederico Borges and Ana Bilhar streets.

When you go to Beach Park (located in Porto das Dunas, 18.5 miles (30km) to the east), don't miss Ponto das Tapiocas, where you can try Ceará’s thick and moist tapioca pancake, which goes really well with the fresh coffee that accompanies it.