GYN - Goiânia


Planalto deco

By Ricardo Freire

Almost three decades before Brasília, Goiânia was the first planned state capital on the Planalto Central (Central Plateau). Around here there are no neighborhoods: there are sectors. Straight, tree lined avenues act as thoroughfares, while semicircular streets compose differently-shaped city blocks, avoiding the traditional square grid.

But the city’s urban and architectural treasure is in the Central Sector: there you can find one of the most important groups of Art Deco buildings. Many are located around the Praça Cívica (Civic Square).

Goiânia is the starting point for the greatest tourist attractions in Goiás, such as the thermal waters of Caldas Novas, the historic cities of Goiás and Pirenópolis, and beaches and fishing on the Araguaia River.​​

O que fazer em Goiânia

Two museums offer the additional attraction of being housed in Art Deco buildings: the Zoroastro Artiaga Museum, dedicated to Midwestern culture, in Buritis Park, and the Pedro Ludovico Teixeira Museum, which operates in the house where the founder of Goiânia lived and tells the city’s history.

The neighborhoods boasting the most fine restaurants and lively bars are the Bueno and Marista Sectors, on the western side of the capital city.

Don’t miss out on the weekend fairs: on Saturdays, the Feira da Lua (Moon Fair), with holistic items, crafts and clothing (Tamandaré Square) and the Cora Coralina Fair, with delicious treats; and on Sundays, the Hippie Fair (next to the old railway station).