IMP - Imperatriz

Marvelous south

Imperatriz could not have a better strategic location: situated along the Belém-Brasília Highway and on the shores of the Tocantins River, it is a natural thoroughfare for all the industrial and agricultural production of the fertile and enterprising southeastern Maranhão.

Not for nothing has the city become the second-most populous city in the state and, for this reason, it is a virtual candidate for capital city of the potential state of South Maranhão, to be voted on in a referendum still in the planning phase.

The city is quite lively, with bars and clubs found on Beira-Rio (River-Side) Avenue. But there’s more than just urban entertainment awaiting outsiders: Imperatriz is the shortest distance from the gorgeous Chapada das Mesas mountain range.


Towards Belém-Brasília, the highlight is a very well-structured water park. But it's downtown that the city concentrates its sites: bars, restaurants and nightclubs ensure a very lively nightlife, all on the shores of the Tocantins River.

During the local summer holidays, these same waters offer visitors even more entertainment, as the river’s beaches can be readily enjoyed. It’s worth crossing the state border into Tocantins to enjoy the best beaches, located in the city of Filadélfia.

However, it’s in Maranhão territory that visitors find the most incredible attraction in the region. Between Carolina and Riachão (less than 300 km/186 mi from Imperatriz) lies the enormous Chapada das Mesas, a national park with hiking trails, waterfalls, canyons and hills that create a natural playground.