JOI - Joinville

It’s bigger!

The numbers don’t lie: Joinville is the largest city in Santa Catarina both in terms of population (over 500,000 inhabitants) and economically – the state’s largest GDP is here. But the city does not live on business alone. Business travelers can easily stretch their trips and stay the weekend.

Joinville still lives its German colonial period; just take a look at the Enxaimel timber framing (or Fachwerk, in German) on many buildings, or the habits of the population, or the dishes in the major restaurants. This connection is reinforced by large urban cultural events, but some special parts of the immigrants’ traditions can only be found in rural attractions.

All of this is further combined with a very privileged geographic position. Babitonga Bay can be seen from Downtown or from the lookout at Morro da Boa Vista. Only 50 km (31 mi) separate Joinville from the sea.​

Downtown, Gastronomy Way (Visconde de Taunay Street) vies for attention with Brütslein Boulevard. This small, palm-tree-lined street leads to the former seat of government of Dona Francisca Colony, a country house belonging to the Brazilian royalty that was the starting point for the city’s urbanization. Inside this building, a museum tells the history of German immigration.

Colonization is also present in the rural tourism routes, which lead to flower farms, historic plantations, and centers where colonial products are sold.

The sea is very close by. The schooner trip through Babitonga Bay is a local classic and includes a stop at São Francisco do Sul Island – which has a well-preserved Portuguese colonial village and the National Sea Museum (not to be missed!).