MAB - Marabá

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Predestined for mining and benefiting from the dynamics of its port, Marabá became an important commercial and service center in the northern region.

Bathed by the Tocantins and Itacaiunas rivers with a geography that is interrupted by landmasses, the city is divided into three nuclei that are connected by small highways: Marabá Pioneira, where the city started and where part of the commerce is concentrated; Cidade Nova, next to the highway, another commercial spot; and Nova Marabá, the residential area and the most modern part of the city.

The shady pasts of Marabá’s neighbors - Eldora dos Carajás and the Serra Pelada mines – has been left behind; today, it is one of the fastest growing medium sized cities in Brazil.


The attractions are concentrated on the margins of the rivers that run through Marabá. The Tucunaré and Geladinho beaches appear between April and September, as the waters of the Tocantins ebb.  Residents and tourists crowd the sands with umbrellas and kayaks.

Its main museum is housed at the Fundação Casa de Cultura (Culture House Foundation), containing pieces that represent local archeology and geology. Don’t miss out on restaurants with regional foods that explore the unique tastes and ingredients of Pará's culinary.

Less than 200km (125mi) away there is an area with great tourism potential, the Andorinha Mountains – a state park where you can take trails to waterfalls, archeological sites and caves containing rock paintings.