MGF - Maringá

Encore! Encore!

It’s the youngest of the large cities in Paraná’s North: it was only founded in 1947.

The origin of its name is interesting: the region’s brooks were named by employees of the  Paraná North Company. One of these employees must have been very fond of the song “Maringá,” by Joubert de Carvalho, which sings of how he misses a country girl from the Northeast. The city wound up being named after the brook. And, in this way, Maringá became one of the privileged few to be represented in popular song: it’s the “Song-City”.

With planned urbanization of a modernist design, Maringá has well-defined zones and is characterized by broad avenues with median strips, many town squares and ample green spaces – all of which provides a pleasant atmosphere with high quality of life that can be enjoyed by business travelers.


The city’s primary postcard location is its Cathedral. An audacious structure, it bears a conical tower 114 m (374') tall – and a lookout on the inside that is not to be missed.

A good suggestion is to enjoy some of Maringá’s green spaces without hurrying through them. The most famous of these - and the ones with the most infrastructure - are Ingá Park, an ample forest reserve that has been around since the city was founded, and Grevillea Grove, which owes its name to the fact that this is the only species (the Silky-Oak) planted within its borders.

At the city of Santa Fé, 60 km (37 mi) away, you can spend the entire day rafting on floats, zip-lining, and enjoying swimming pools and waterfalls at Salto Bandeirantes.