PMW - Palmas

Prodigious girl

Palmas is the country’s youngest capital, founded in May, 1989. It was a planned city mirroring Brasilia’s original project, starting with the fact that it was built as a hub to encourage regional development.

Like Brasilia, it is divided into sectors that are connected by large avenues, many rotaries, or “queijinhos” (little cheeses) as they are known locally, as well as green spaces and some open fields. Another similarity to the Brasilia of yesteryear is the construction site feel; it's like Palmas is still implementing its hotel, services and tourism infrastructure.

A gateway to the Jalapão State Park, the modern and promising city also has its own attractions, such as parks and even some beaches - after all, it is located on the banks of the Tocantins River.


The Praça dos Girassois (Sunflower Square), near the state government's headquarters, is Brazil's geographic center. At the square, a compass reminds us of this position and a memorial, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, yet another tie to the country's capital, celebrates the Coluna Prestes (political movement) that passed through Palmas, decades before the city even existed.

On the margins of the Tocantins River, you can have fun at the Graciosa and da Prata beaches, which emerge during the dry season.

Near the capital, approximately 30 km/19 mi away, is the Taquaruçu district, a delightful mountainous region that serves as a refuge on hot days. There are over 80 registered waterfalls, trails, and natural pools.