PPB - Presidente Prudente


Maximum temperature

Considered the capital of Western São Paulo State, Presidente Prudente came about thanks to the coffee cycle and the expansion of the Sorocaba railroad. Today it is one of the giants of the São Paulo countryside and an agricultural hub.

Prudente (the locals leave out the “Presidente”) houses the third largest airport in the state, and one of the largest soccer stadiums on the interior region of the country - which gained more popularity after the team Grêmio Prudente was transferred to the city; it was a first division team in 2010.

Close to São José do Rio Preto, the city has a few universities. It is also known for its dry and rather hot climate. Turn on the A/C and enjoy one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the state.

Two green spaces stand out for those who want to enjoy the city. The Povo Park is the local meeting place for runners, skaters, soccer players, and swimmers.

At Cidade da Criança (a children’s park), off the Raposo Tavares Highway, the little ones get most of the attention. There is a cable car, a zoo, a planetarium, train rides, and a go-kart track. Adults can enjoy the sports courts and the excellent track for both running and walking.

Less than 100km (62mi) away, Presidente Epitácio, on the shores of the Paraná River, is a fishing hub that attracts aficionados from afar.