STM - Santarém


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Started as an old indigenous village, Santarém is at the heart of Pará's Amazon, almost 870 mi (1,400 km) away from the state capital, Belém.

Its location is very special, at the intersection of the Tapajós and Amazonas rivers. Life in the region follows the flow of the waters, which flood the plains during high waters and reveal beaches when low.

Known as the pearl of the Tapajós, it is the most important city on the Pará countryside. It is only 19 mi (30km) from Alter do Chão, recently named by the English newspaper The Guardian as one of Brazil’s ten most beautiful beaches.

The “Amazonian Caribbean” however, is only one of the incredible beauties offered by the natural exuberance of the region.


A great natural phenomenon around here is the meeting of the clear blue waters of the Tapajós with the murky waters of the Amazon. In order to better appreciate the tour, choose a tall boat, so you can see the distinct colors of the rivers.

At the port, check out the incessant movement of the gaiolas (cages) – passenger and cargo boats in which hammocks are used as beds. It is the typical means of transportation in the region.

Also visit the Nossa Senhora da Conceição church and the historical mansions like the Baron of Santarém's Solar (manor house). During the summer, take a trip to the neighboring Alter do Chão and enjoy the igarapés (streams) and river beaches (the most popular is Ilha do Amor - Love Island).