On-board entertainment

Onboard magazine

Enjoy more onboard entertainment with the print and digital versions of the GOL magazine.

The monthly magazine features tips on what to do at GOL destinations as well as articles about technology, manners, life style, culture, tourism and much more!

The publication is available on all flights, however, if you can’t find a copy in your seat pocket, simply request your GOL magazine from a flight attendant.

Would you prefer to access the magazine from your tablet?

Then check out the step-by-step installation instructions:

 Access the Apple Store (IOS) or the Play Store (Android) and enter “Revista GOL” in the search field.

2 When you find the GOL logo, click on “Free” and then on “Install.”

3 ​ Click on “Open.”

4 ​Click on “Free.”

Done! When the upcoming editions are published, you ​will receive a Push Notification reminding you that the latest version of the GOL magazine is ready for download. To view previous editions, simply access the “Newsstand” option. Below you will find the list of available issues.​

Enjoy your flight and have a great trip!



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