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Changing airplanes

If you go on a journey and you have a connecting flight, you will need to change airplanes. In order to perform that change, please follow the instructions as per your boarding card and ask for information to the GOL passenger service personnel, at the airport where you will make the first stop.

You will read the following information on the boarding card: number of the subsequent flight, start point of the connection, destination and local time for boarding. Please take care of the time zone according to the cities.

It is important to know that the time on your boarding card follows the time zone of the connection city and not that one of the city where you started your trip; because of that, after the airplane lands, please set your watch to the local time.

Changing airplanes to Delta connecting flights
If, by chance, there were connections in Brazil to flights that have final destination in the United States, please follow with care the following procedures:

- It will not be necessary to take out your luggage as it will be sent to your final destination. You will need just to change airplanes. At the time of arriving in the United States, please get your luggage back in the normal way.

- You will not need to make a new check-in. Were you coming from any airport in Brazil up to Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo, Galeão Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, or Brasilia Airport, it will be necessary just to pass by the Delta check-in counter in order to get the stamp of international boarding. Warning: without that stamp, you will not be allowed to board to your international destination.

- Another checking of documents will be performed at the Delta counter; please keep them handy.

- At the time of going into the international boarding area, you will be required to pass thru the review of the local authorities (Federal Police) for a new checking of the documents.

- Preferential boarding: disabled persons or others who face difficulties to walk have priority at the boarding time as well as clients of the Smiles Diamond and Delta Elite relationship programs.​