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International flights

On international flights, as soon as you exit the plane you will go through immigration control. During that process, airport personnel will examine your documents, entry visa (if required), and the proper completion of the immigration and customs forms.
These forms will be distributed during the flight to all passengers flying to international destinations. Please provide your personal information, your city of origin and destination, the name of the airline flown, the flight number, and any other requested information.
Here is an example of an immigration form for a trip to Peru.


Exemplo de formulário de imigração.  

"Your ID number"
On the customs form you must declare whether you are carrying any special objects or objects of value. Some countries have restrictions on the entry of certain objects and products, like food, plants, medication and large quantities of money.
Next is an example of a customs form for Paraguay.  


Exemplo de formulário de declaração de bagagem.  

"Your flight number"
Ask a GOL employee about any possible restrictions at your destination. If you have any questions about completing the forms, our employees are ready to help; simply ask for assistance during the flight.​