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Sporting materials

Special Baggage

As of Jan/03/2012, all special baggage must be specifically packaged to be checked on flights. Below are instructions on how to package this type of equipment:

Bicycle (each)

In order to check in bicycles (20" wheel or larger), clients must:

1. Remove the pedals or wrap them in plastic foam or similar material;
2. Turn the handlebar parallel to the frame or wrap its ends in plastic foam or similar material;
3. Remove the front wheel and attach it securely to the bicycle frame, keeping the two together.

Once the three steps above are followed, the bicycle must be packaged in:

• Box or hard case with sturdy sides designed to transport bicycles;
• Bag (soft case) designed for a bicycle;
• Cardboard box or the original box;
• Resistant plastic packaging.
• During check-in, no bicycles will be accepted out of compliance with the standards established above.

Reminder: bicycles with wheels smaller than 20" need not comply with the steps above, as long as the object is packaged in its original box or a package designed to transport bicycles.

The special baggage will be included in your baggage allowance and, in case of excess baggage, regular charges will apply.

Other sporting materials

Hoverboards (motorized skateboards) are prohibited.

For security reasons and to comply with the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), GOL does not allow Hoverboards (motorized skateboards), Segways, AirWheels, Solowheels and balance wheels (self balancing two-wheeled boards), in either carry-on or checked baggage. Other electronic equipment, whose batteries are not rated above 100 Watt-hour, may be transported as carry-on. This restriction does not apply to wheelchairs or motorized assistive devices for special needs passengers.

Surfboards, bodyboards, skateboards, skis, bowling balls and other equipment must be transported inside cases designed for their transportation or in their original packaging. Balls must be deflated.

If equipment is not appropriately packaged according to the stipulations listed above, airline employees are authorized to refuse to transport the items.​​​​