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Type of baggage

When packing your bag, there are some things that you should consider.  You should know that there are two types of baggage: checked baggage and carryon. Checked baggage is loaded into the airplane’s baggage compartment, while carryon goes with you in the cabin.

​Choose backpacks or small bags for your carryon. Pay close attention to the size of your carryon, because the sum of the dimensions (length, width, height) can’t be more than 115 cm (45 in). It should be placed in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you, inside the airplane, that is why it can’t be any bigger.

There are also weight limits for passengers’ bags. On domestic flights and most Latin American and Caribbean flights operated by GOL, each passenger is entitled to a 5kg (11lb) carryon, and up to 23kg (50 lbs) of checked baggage. Anything over that weight is charged as excess baggage. 
Should you have further questions  Chat Online.

In addition to carryon luggage, additional items are permitted outside baggage allowances and without incurring excess baggage charges.

The free items are:

a) Books and magazines for on-board reading;
b) 01 coat, raincoat, shawl or jacket for personal use;
c) 01 umbrella or cane;
d) 01 bag or backpack with personal items;
e) 01 foldable wheelchair (checked) or a pair of crutches should the passenger require this item;
f) 01 stroller or infant seat (checked) if an infant of up to 2 years of age is accompanying a paying customer.
Booster seats or chairs are part of the child/adult's checked baggage allowance and are not free. In other words, if the item weighs 7kg (15lbs) it will be deducted from the total baggage allowance.