Standing out: GOL will honor the luggage allowance of Codeshare flights of associated Airlines, in the following way:

- Delta Executive class: 3 pieces of up to 32 kilos each one;
- Delta Economic (scheduled) class: 2 piece of up to 32 kilos each one.

IMPORTANT: not being a GOL partner Airline, the luggage allowance will not be honored.


Fragile items
The fragile items are accepted in Codeshare flights, however, the item must be appropriately packaged and the passenger will have to sign the label called Responsibility Limit (RL), but, warning: in case that the product were damaged, due to any reason, the Airline Company will not reimburse anything.

Important: please take care of valuable items, as jewels and money, as they will not be allowed to be shipped and they will be accepted just as hand luggage.

Living Animals
The transportation of any living animals is not accepted in Codeshare flights.

Perishable items
Any type of perishable food is not accepted in Codeshare flights.

Electronic units of equipment
All of the electronic units of equipment must be carried as hand luggage.

Consequently, at the time of preparing the luggage, please set apart notebooks, photographic cameras, mobile phones, film cameras and palms and place them into the hand luggage.

All of the electronic units of equipment will be required to pass thru the X ray machine at the airport, at the same time when you will pass thru the metal detector, at the entrance of the boarding room. Due to that, those items may be handcarried just by you.

But always keep in mind: the hand luggage will not be allowed to surpass the weight limit of 5 kilos. Due to that, please give preference to small knapsacks or handbags.

Sport units of equipment
All of the sport units of equipment are accepted in Codeshare flights, according to the currently valid rule (MAED Manual – Chapter 3, section 3.7).

In addition to the acceptance of Antlers: they are accepted, in Codeshare flights, as duly packaged and forwarded luggage, as they are fragile items. Due to that, the procedure for fragile items must be followed.

Payment for excess luggage
In case of having excess luggage, it is possible to pay the amount, covering the excess, at the Delta or GOL counters, depending upon where the passenger will be.

Getting back the luggage
The luggage, in the Codeshare flight, must be got back at the final destination; in that case, in the United States.

Service for lost luggage
If, perchance, the luggage were lost or damaged, it is needed to get in touch with the Delta luggage service.