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Traveling by plane can be easier than you imagine. To help you answer questions and plan your flight we have prepared this practical travel guide. Here you will find useful information ranging from before you buy your ticket to your arrival at your destination.

Select from the subjects below and get tips from GOL for your worry-free trip.

Expectant mothers

If you are pregnant or are accompanying someone who is, please go to the GOL check-in counter at the airport to request preferential service.  

Up to 27 weeks, for single pregnancies, or 25 weeks, for twin pregnancies:

Expectant mothers do not need to provide a medical authorization to travel.

From 28 to 35 weeks, for single pregnancies, or from 26 to 31 weeks, for twin pregnancies:

Expectant mothers must fill out a Declaration of Responsibility form provided by GOL. For greater conve​nience, expectant mothers can use the Intelligent Check-in service online or at self-service kiosks, as long as they identify themselves to a GOL employee prior to boarding in order to complete the Declaration of Responsibility.

From 36 weeks to end of the 37th week, for single pregnancies, or from 32 weeks to end of the 37th week, for twin pregnancies:

Expectant mothers must present a signed medical authorization that is valid for 30 days (see below for more information).

As of the 38th week, for both types of pregnancy:

Expectant mothers may only board in situations of extreme necessity and only when accompanied by an obstetrician.

Important! For the medical authorization to be considered valid, it must be issued no more than one week prior to boarding. Even with medical authorization, it is not recommended for a mother to fly seven days before or seven days after giving birth. GOL also recommends that newborn babies only travel after they are one week old.

Gestation periods are counted from the boarding date, not the dates when a reservation or ticket purchase is made. For further information, please contact one of our employees at the airport or visit the Online Chat at our website.

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