Customer service regulations

Learn what changed in the new Customer Service regulation. 

As of December 1, 2008 the new Telephone Customer Service law went into effect for some service sectors, including Civil Aviation.

For Aviation, Customer Service became the passenger’s point of contact with the company, a channel that allows the customer to obtain general information about the company's services, the required documents for travelling, baggage allowance, items allowed in carry-on baggage and other useful information, as well as means to file complaints or suggestions about the company.
If the passenger is no longer willing or able to fly, he can also request a cancellation/refund of the ticket over the Customer Service channel.
Therefore, as per the stipulations of article 2 of Decree nbr. 6.523/08, Customer Service has the following functions:  “resolve customer requests for information, questions, complaints, suspensions or cancellations of service contracts".
GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes adapted its entire Customer Service system to provide customers with the best possible service under the new regulations.   
Stay current with the GOL channels:

Exclusive channel for purchases, changes/rescheduling - 0300 115 2121* (local toll charge).
* Phone sales and GOL Ticket Offices: service charge of 10%.
* Online Sales: this is a free service.

Exclusive channel for your complaints, information, questions, compliments and cancellations - 0800 704 0465.

Customer Service for the Hearing Impaired - 0800 709 0466.

Learn more about the difference between Customer Service and Call Center:

Customer Service Call Center – Sales Center
Aims at providing services regarding complaints, cancellation requests, suggestions, compliments, and comments the consumer might have about the company’s services. Aims at providing services related to reservations, ticket sales and specific information about flight availability, prices and the purchasing process.
Law number 6523 regulates the Customer Service activities. Here you can cancel or change a reservation.
It must provide 24h service and have a toll free number. Its activities are not regulated by law nbr. 6523.  It is a transactional and commercial service.