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What is free baggage?
In addition to your carryon, every GOL customer is entitled to transport some items free of charge. These items are free baggage, which include: a) books and magazines for on-board reading; b) a coat, raincoat, shawl or jacket for personal use; c) an umbrella or cane; d) a bag or backpack with personal items; e) a folding wheelchair (which will be placed in the baggage compartment) or a pair of crutches, for the personal use of the customer; f) a stroller (checked) or a baby seat (if an infant of up to 2 years of age is accompanying a paying customer). If you need to board with two or more of the objects mentions, only one of them will be transported free of charge. The remaining objects will be checked within the 23 kg (51 lbs) baggage allowance. Contact GOL Customer Service at the airport for information on checking these items, or if you have any questions, contact our Online Customer Service.

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