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Gollog FAQ

Select a subject and a theme below and see the FAQ about Gollog.

Services and payments

Which services does Gollog provide?
Gollog offers six standard cargo services. They are:
Standard: merchandise freight between the state capitals and major Brazilian cities with delivery between 48 and 72 hours.
Specific Flight: express service for urgent freight between airports, with priority boarding on predefined flights and cargo pickup at the destination starting 2 hours after landing. It offers a money-back guarantee in case of late delivery – except due to weather, public authority order or strike.
Express: express service for delivery at the destination by 6PM the next business day, in state capitals and major Brazilian cities. For other destinations delivery may take from two to five days.
By 10AM: express service for delivery at the destination by 10AM the next day. This service is available in the main state capitals and cities served by direct GOL/Varig flights, with delivery within a 10 km radius of the destination airport.
DOC: specific service for delivering documents of up to 250 grams sent in a special Gollog package ("Flyer"). Delivery is available in the state capitals and their metropolitan regions by 6PM the next day.
International: airport to airport package delivery for the international routes served by GOL/Varig.

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