AUA - Aruba


An introduction to the Caribbean

By Ricardo Freire

Aruba is the Caribbean made easy. The small island, which only recently gained its independence from Holland, has practically no faults.  Hurricanes stay away, you can communicate in a Portuguese-Spanish mix, there is no need to exchange money to the local currency – even cash withdrawals at ATMs can be made in dollars.

Palm Beach, the beach where most vacation package hotels are located, is complete with the fine white sands and baby blue ocean of your dreams. Everything is made to American standards, but you don’t need a visa – how great is that!?

Come enjoy the sun, the beach, the amenities at your super-hotel (a little casino action, maybe…) and go on a few tours. Vacations are for relaxing, remember? Take it easy!


O que fazer em Aruba

Rent a car for two or three days and go to the beaches untouched by real-estate: Arashi and Malmok, to the north, and Baby Beach, to the south. On other days, go on boat rides, ride 4x4s, or the glass bottom submarine.

Downtown Orajestad has a colonial feel and great shops, which focus on perfume, cosmetics, clothes, and brand name accessories. It is also home to friendly restaurants like "Que Pasa?".

Curacao is a half hour flight away (there are no boats). You can make a day trip to see the historic city center of Willenstad and other attractions, like the Aquarium. But doing two islands on the same trip is better if you spend half of your time on each one.