EZE - Ezeiza - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Come back anytime

By Ricardo Freire

Lately, with the Peso dropping against the Dollar (and the Real), Buenos Aires has become the cheapest city in the world for Brazilians. It is wonderful to travel to a place where you get to half all of the prices.

Don’t miss out: you can’t see everything Buenos Aires has to offer in one visit. After you’ve visited all of the post card destinations, the city becomes even more interesting. A mere weekend here – eating well, sleeping in, walking around, shopping – is like an entire vacation.

Exchange your Reals upon arrival, at the Ezeiza branch of the Banco Nación, which offers a fair exchange rate and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Would you like a tip? If you have Pesos left over at the end of the trip, don’t exchange them. You will certainly be back soon.


O que fazer em Buenos Aires

The basic circuit – Caminito, the San Telmo Market on Sunday, Café Tortoni, Colon Theater, Pacifico Galleries, Puerto Madero, and a tango show – doesn’t take more than 48 hours.

Take a morning to idly walk the elegant streets of Recoleta. In the early afternoon go to Malba, home to the best Latin American art collection. Afternoons are perfect for window shopping at Palermo Soho – and find deals at the outlets on Avenida Cordoba (around the 4000 block) and on the corner of Gurruchaga and Aguirre.

If you have time, go to the Tigre Delta on the Tren de la Costa (Coastal Train), to the Lujan Zoo, and the Uruguayan city of Colonia de Sacramento (1 hour by boat).