VCP - Campinas


Capital of the countryside

By Ricardo Freire

Education hub, technology hub, industrial hub: less than 100 km / 62 mi from São Paulo, Campinas has the size and autonomy of a metropolis.

And if being self-sufficient wasn't enough, Campinas is also at the epicenter of several cities that communicate with ease through (great) highways that seem more like expressways.

But the region isn’t only comprised of research, technology and agriculture. The mild climate attracted major theme parks; and on the outskirts of Campinas you can still find villages like Sousas and Joaquim Egídio, with a countryside feel in the midst of unspoiled nature. The funny thing is: you can get to São Paulo faster than most Paulistanos (people from São Paulo) take to cross their own city.

O que fazer em Campinas

The nightlife in Campinas is very exciting. The two major bar and restaurant districts are in the central neighborhood of Cambuí and the Barão Geraldo district, near Unicamp (University of Campinas).

The largest green space is Lagoa do Taquaral [Taquaral Lake] (official name: Parque Portugal [Portugal Park]), which is great for jogging and bike riding. The Ecological Park hosts an organic products market on Sundays. Visit the Bosque dos Jequitibás Grove, with its mini zoo and aquarium, downtown.

On the weekends, Campineiros (people from Campinas) like to get away to the Sousas district (on the river, 11 km / 7 mi from downtown) and to Joaquim Egídio (16 km / 10 mi away), where the Astronomical Observatory is located. Campinas is also a great base for those going to Hopi Hari (28 km / 17 mi away), in Vinhedo, and to Wet'n Wild (35 km / 22 mi away), in Itupeva.