CCS - Caracas


Green is good

From the airplane window you can understand the topography of the Venezuelan capital: surrounded by high mountains, Caracas looks like an equatorial Santiago or a Belo Horizonte in the Andes.

There are restaurants with a cosmopolitan flare at Las Mercedes, little stores in Sabana Grande, traces of the colonial era in La Candelaria, as well as parks and museums scattered throughout the city. To get to the tourist attractions, the subway is a good means of transportation. Taxis don’t have meters; you have to negotiate the fare before leaving. While walking on the street, take the same precautions you would at a large Brazilian city.

Caracas is not only an important business center, it is also a stop-over to the Caribbean, for Brazilians.  The Venezuelan archipelago of Los Roques is a half hour flight away. The GOL/Varig flights continue on to Aruba and Punta Cana.


The figure of Simon Bolivar is idolized: the statute in the park that bears his name, his home, or Bolivariano Museum, are often visited places.

Among the things you must do are the cable car ride to Cerro Al Avila, where you can see all the way to the Caribbean sea (morning visits are best to avoid the fog) and the Parque del Este, designed by Brazilian architect Burle Marx, where you will find a planetarium and a zoo. Don’t miss out on the arepa, a pastry that is the symbol of Venezuelan culinary. For an interesting outing, take the bus to El Hatillo, a colonial city 30 km away.

At night, enjoy the gastronomic scene at the La Mercedes and Altamira neighborhoods, and the bars at the San Ignacio Commercial Center in La Castellana.