FEN - Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

For the few

By Ricardo Freire

You can believe everything you’ve heard about the beauty of Fernando de Noronha. Your friends did not exaggerate in their descriptions, and the pictures in magazines are not the product of a meticulous selection of perfect angles. On the ocean, all of Noronha’s angles are favorable.

Crystal clear waters, sensual landscapes, rocks, hills, forests – all of the best quality ingredients mixed together by Someone who clearly knows a thing or two about making a beautiful beach. Underwater, you come across a marine fauna that is hard to find so close to shore.

Only 700 outsiders are allowed on the island per night. When you go, make the best of such a privilege and stay as many nights as you can. ​

O que fazer em Fernando de Noronha

Try to spend your first perfect sunny day in Sancho beach, unanimously considered the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Walk to the viewpoint at the Bay of Porcos before descending the stairs over the rock.

The island is paradise for those who scuba dive – but even snorkeling is a great deal of fun. The natural aquarium at the Atalaia beach is open during low tide – for those who come on foot, with a guide. You can also swim with the turtles at the Sueste beach (find a certified guide).

Late afternoon is best at Conceição beach. And at night, after a lecture at the Tamar headquarters, the fun continues in the city center of Vila dos Remédios.