LDB - Londrina

Big town

Originally colonized by the English, Londrina deserves the name it was given. Today’s Londrina has the airs of a metropolis: it houses the second-largest economy in Paraná and is one of the most important cities in southern Brazil.

The fertile land and coffee plantations brought the prosperity that made Londrina grow and gain the status and the looks of a state capital. The city boasts a well-developed service infrastructure; one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil is here, Catuaí, with 135 thousand m² (1.5 million square feet). The orderly traffic and numerous green spaces are also enviable.

But the urban life does not thrive only due to the strong economy or the city’s size: Londrina has no less than ten universities, which attract young students from Paraná as well as from neighboring states.


Bike paths, jogging tracks, an amphitheater and gardens designed by Burle Marx: these are the secrets of Igapó Lake. The dam is the city’s main leisure area and a true postcard location, together with Mata dos Godoy (Godoy Woods), a state park with hiking trails that cross regions of subtropical forest.

Downtown, it’s the college students who set the pace and pack the bars, clubs, and restaurants. Speaking of which, houses such as Strassberg, in the Warta district, specialize in savory garganey meat, a legacy inherited from German immigrants.

Coffee lost some of its relevance after a strong frost during the 70s, but can still be seen in tours by travel agencies that promote the coffee route, in farms and factories in Londrina and neighboring cities.