MCP - Macapá

Two hemispheres

The only Brazilian capital cut by the Equator; in Macapá you can go from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere with a single step. There is a soccer stadium (no longer active) where the mid-field line is right on the Equator line; each team scores in a different hemisphere.

Macapá is also the only capital that is not connected to other capitals by highways. Its name comes from the tupi for “place of many Bacaba-Palms”, also the name of the fruit from this regional palm tree.

Close to the mouth of the Amazon River, the city is the gateway to visit waterfalls or surf the pororoca (tidal bore). And it is the base for those who wish to get to the northernmost point in Brazil: the Oiapoque municipality.


​The big local attraction is the “Marco Zero”, the line of the Equator. That is where you will find Zerão (the stadium), the sambadrome, and the Amapá Panela (gastronomic complex of typical regional foods). A sundial marks not only the hours, but also the equinox.

On the margins of the Amazon River, a must-see is the beautiful São Jose do Macapá fort, built between 1764 and 1782 to ensure Portuguese dominance in the extreme north of Brazil.

Also in front of the river, don’t miss the Guindaste rock, and the Eliezer Levy dock. The rock displays the image of Saint Joseph, Macapá's patron saint. And the dock has restaurants and a trolley for tourist transportation.