MCZ - Maceió


Aqua green

By Ricardo Freire

The most photogenic beachfront in the Northeast starts at Pajuçara beach, where streamlined rafts wait to take tourists to the natural pools that lie out to sea. The bay has a beautiful coconut palm grove at Ponta Verde, on whose farthest point sits a lighthouse. After the bend, before the sea widens near Jatiúca, the low tide backwaters look even greener.

You think this would be enough for the tourists, but regardless of how beautiful the urban beaches of Maceió may be, they only serve to whet visitors’ appetites and send them off in search of even more beautiful waters, denser coconut tree groves, more crystalline natural pools.

As they head back to the city after a busy day of touring, Maceió welcomes visitors with the most varied assortment of restaurants you will find in a state capital of its size. From the typical sururu to Peruvian cuisine, Maceió’s tables are as appetizing as its beaches.


O que fazer em Maceió

When you’re feeling too lazy to hit the road, hit the beach in Ponta Verde and go to stands like Lopana and Canoa , which are also excellent for happy hour. Ponta Verde and Jatiúca have restaurants, but the bars are in Stella Maris, near the Divina Gula restaurant.

If you go to the northern coast, have lunch on your way back, at one of the nice restaurants on the heights of Ipioca. But if your destination for the day is the southern coast, the mandatory stop is at the restaurants along the Massagueira canal. Before you return to your hotel, stop by the Pontal da Barra, where lace-makers sell filé, the traditional Alagoas lace.

Maragogi – and its famous Galés – is a two-hour trip away. If you can, plan to spend a night there for a more pleasant trip.