MOC - Montes Claros

The guide to progress

In Minas everyone knows: all roads lead to Montes Claros. No less than six federal highways feed into it and make Montes Claros the metropolis of northern Minas Gerais.

The economy is solid, and based on a dynamic industrial park that includes everything from construction materials to dairy products and pharmaceuticals. The future is guaranteed by its large number of college students: Montes Claros houses UFMG, Minas State and 13 other private universities.

Ironically, this industrial power is also a shortcut for those who want to see the latest wonders in Brazilian crafts: the cachaças of the Salinas region, very close by.

Because of the predominantly young college student population, Montes Claros has a lively nightlife. The place to go is Esteves Rodrigues Ave, downtown, where the most popular bars are located.

During the day, make sure to visit both the parks within the city and on its outskirts. The most popular is Sapucaia Park, which is a forest reservation on the Ibituruna mountains, and where you hang-glide, fly model airplanes or just go up on the cable car.

The region also has many caves. The cave complex of Lapa Grande holds animal fossils and beautiful rock formations. The most impressive of these extends throughout a subterranean river to the Lapa Encantada waterfalls.