MVD - Montevidéu


Dulce de leche

By Ricardo Freire

The Atlantic Ocean only officially begins in Punta de Este, but the Rio da Prata (Silver River) is so prevalent in Montevideo that everyone refers to it as the ocean.

Prata circles the peninsula where the historic city center is, and sketches a line of river beaches for the residential neighborhoods. The shopping mall restaurants, and the nightlife are in Punta Carretas and Pocitos; in Buceo you find the marina; in Carrasco, a little further away, wealthy mansions.

The architecture tells the story of the city’s expansion, the classical buildings of the old city, the elegance of the 60s in the beachfront neighborhoods. The largest capital of the gaucho world – here people can't live without meat, mate (tea) and dulce de leche. A perfect destination for a weekend of exploring.

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O que fazer em Montevidéu

Temperatures are pleasant, tipping towards cold, during spring and fall. Summer is hot and humid. Winter is freezing.

Despite the heat, January and February, right before carnival, are good months for a visit. That’s when the pre-carnival parties happen to the sound of candombe and afro-Uruguayan drums, early Sunday night. (If you go during this period, book your flight for early Monday morning). On Carnival itself, however, the city shuts down.

An hour away by bus is Punta del Este, which peaks on Christmas and New Year’s. Off-season, only traditional restaurants and the casino remain open on the Peninsula.