NAT - Natal



By Ricardo Freire

You can search, but nowhere in the world will you will find another city this size with sand dunes that are part of the urban landscape. In Natal, the dunes stand in for mountains, only in sand.

The Via Costeira (Coastal Way), where the city’s resorts are located, skirts a dune park. Morro do Careca (Bald Man’s Hill), one of the most beautiful landmarks at Ponta Negra (Black Point) beach is just the northern side of another great dune that extends all the way to the air force base at Barreira do Inferno (Hell’s Wall). To the north, the Genipabu dunes begin the moment your car descends off the beautiful new bridge over the Potengi River.

At the top of the dunes, your driver will ask you a traditional question, one that has been incorporated into extreme trips throughout Brazil: “Com ou sem emoção?” (With or without a thrill?). Don’t be afraid. In Natal, the dunes are sources of beauty and fun.


O que fazer em Natal

Take a guided trip to the Forte dos Reis Magos (Fort of the Three Wise Men), built in the shape of a star. The Câmara Cascudo Memorial groups the folklorist’s oeuvre in a small palace in the old city center; enjoy the opportunity to take a car trip around the Ribeira quay neighborhood.

Alto de Ponta Negra (Black Point Heights) is where the liveliest bars are located – but Natal’s elite prefers the charming restaurants in the central Petrópolis and Tirol neighborhoods.

The northern coast is a sand amusement park, with dune buggy rides and local versions of zip-lines and toboggan rides that combine sand and water; on your way back, try jinga, a small fried fish served with tapioca, at the Redinha market. In the south, enjoy your trip and visit the largest cashew tree in the world, then continue on to the Tabatinga lookout and afterwards take a swim in the calm waters of the Camurupim.