NVT - Navegantes


Hub of the valley

By Ricardo Freire

In the early 20th century, the settling earned this name due to the many seafarers among its residents. In the 21st century, however, most travelers arrive here by air: the most important airport in northern Santa Catarina is here.

Navegantes is a stopover for executives on their way to Blumenau and the port of Itajaí, as well as for tourists going to Balneário Camboriú, Beto Carrero World and Bombinhas; and, of course, it attracts the residents of the entire Itajaí Valley.

The region reveals two of the strongest cultural influences that mark Santa Catarina: the Azoreans, who colonized the coast, and the Germans, who developed the valley. Everything is very close by: you can have fish with pirão d’água for lunch in Penha and drake with sauerkraut for dinner in Pomerode.


O que fazer em Navegantes

In the German district, reached via highway DC-470, don't forget to go shopping for crystals and textiles, visit the Eisenbahn artisanal brewery, tour the Enxaimel (or Fachwerk, in German) timber-framed architecture in Pomerode’s rural area, and visit the water parks in Gaspar.

If you go to Beto Carrero World – and the trip to the amusement park is really worthwhile – take a small detour to neighboring Penha to eat Azorean food at Pirão d’Água (try the bean soup with bananas).

The most desirable beaches in Balneário Camboriú are Brava de Itajaí (Angry Itajaí) (go via Cabeçudas), Estaleirinho (with beach chairs), and Pinho (nudist). If you want beaches with calm waters, make your way to Bombinhas, located 30 km (19 mi) south of “Balneário,” as the regulars call it.