POA - Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre


By Ricardo Freire

For over two centuries, Porto Alegre believed it was bathed by the waters of the Guaíba River. One day, the porto-alegrenses woke up to news that their river was actually a lake. The new denomination stills causes much controversy – and it is a great topic of conversation when you don’t want to talk about soccer.

The river that turned into a lake is not the only novelty. Porto Alegre has been acquiring a more cosmopolitan flare lately. Meat is still sacred, but the regional culinary is going far beyond the churrascarias (steak houses). The cultural programming is intense and diverse.

In order to explore one of the most amazing Brazilian capitals, take advantage of a day off on a business trip and follow the locals' lead. Or give yourself the luxury of a longer stop-over before going up the mountains.


Take an afternoon off to see the classic downtown circuit: with visits to the MARGS (State Arts Museum), the Mario Quintana Cultural House, and the São Pedro Theater; make a pit stop at the Public Market to try the fruit salad with cream at Stand 40.

The river-lake can be seen up close by taking a ride on the Cisne Branco (White Swan) boat in the river, or by looking out of the windows of the city's newest attraction, the Iberê Camargo Foundation.

At night, choose from the buzz of the Moinhos de Vento (Windmills) neighborhood, between Padre Chagas and Fernando Gomes streets, and the alternative scene of Cidade Baixa - between Lima e Silva and José do Patrocínio streets.