PVH - Porto Velho


Pioneering soul

Founded in 1907, Porto Velho initially belonged to the state of Amazonas, prior to the creation of the state of Rondônia, and now occupies an enormous area: the county is bigger than the states of Alagoas and Sergipe. There are no less than three indigenous reservations within county limits.

On the shores of the Madeira (wood) River (which until recently was prospected at low tide), the region started to be populated during the construction of the Madeira-Mamoré railroad, which was designed to bridge a stretch of river rapids and transport the rubber production of both Brazil and Bolivia.

But not everything is about work in this city of pioneers: the city of Porto Velho is very lively and has a tradition of street festivals.


Have you ever seen a pink dolphin? They are not a legend. Just take a boat trip on the Madeira River and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to interact with one. The trips last 45 minutes and will take you to the Santo Antonio rapids.

The beaches are a great outing and attract a large number of the local population on weekends. You can choose among the Bonito, Souza, 21, and others. Rio Preto, in the neighboring municipality of Candeias do Jamari, has a great infrastructure for visitors, with its restaurants and sports courts.

And by no means should you miss out on the Museu Ferroviário (Railroad Museum) which exhibits pieces of the Madeira-Mamoré Railroad and an original locomotive from 1878.