REC - Recife


A great trip

By Ricardo Freire

When the Chapel of Our Lady of the Pleasant Voyage was built, in the mid-18th century, no one could have imagined how appropriate the saint’s name would be to that location.

Two centuries later, the pleasant trip to Recife begins by disembarking at an extremely modern airport located a mere ten minutes from the old church – and from the main hospitality district. If your final destination is out of town, no problem: you’re already right next to the road to Porto de Galinhas and the southern coast.

For those staying in town, the "good trip" goes far beyond the beach that was named after the church (and where warm tide pools form at low tide). It continues at two beautiful historical centers – the one in Recife and another in its neighboring city, Olinda – and in the attractions of a cosmopolitan metropolis. It’s a fact: even for business travelers, it’s always a great trip.


O que fazer em Recife

Compare the Dutch heritage of Old Recife (such as the Malakoff Tower and the first synagogue in the Americas) with the Portuguese treasures in Olinda (the Convent of São Francisco, the Church of São Bento). Go to the Várzea neighborhood to visit Francisco Brennand’s atelier-museum and the art and arms collection at the Ricardo Brennand Institute.

Itamaracá Island, 70 km (43 mi) to the north, is worth a visit, with attractions like Fort Orange, the beach at the Coroa do Avião islet, and a stop at Projeto Peixe-Boi (The Manatee Project). Along the way, make a detour and see the Igarassu historical center.

If you intend to spend just one day at Porto de Galinhas, check the tide tables: the natural pools only form at low tide.