ROS - Rosário


Happy Port

The birthplace of Che Guevara and Lionel Messi, Rosario revolves around the Parana River. Its port is the most important for Argentinean grain exports.

The river banks, known as Ribera, were recently recovered, giving the central region a new feel. Parks, walking trails, restaurants and snack spots, art galleries and cool little stores revitalized the region and ensured extra fun at the river beaches that are very popular in the summer.

The city is very lively with crowded bars and street festivals. Parks ensure a great quality of life and the architecture is especially rich – places like Pasaje Monroe and Ruta Modernista are lined in art deco and modern buildings.


One of the most interesting tours is to cross the Parana River on the boat Ciudad de Rosario and visit the islands near the city.  During the summer, you can enjoy the river waters at the La Florida beach, which is a paid beach and therefore less hectic than the public shoreline.

Downtown holds icons like the house where revolutionary soldier Che Guevara was born; and since the national flag was designed in the city, it also houses the National Flag Museum. Make sure to visit the following museums: Memoria, which tries to preserve the harsh memories of the military dictatorship; MACRo, the museum of contemporary art; and Belas Artes, one of the most important museums in the country.

Soccer is another Rosarian past time: the Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys fans are among the most loyal in Argentina.