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São Paulo

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By Ricardo Freire

“São Paulo can't stop," goes the saying. “Everything at the same time, right now,” state advertisers, borrowing from the rock song chorus. “Let’s go, let’s go, it’s time to go, let’s go, let’s go”, is the jingle on morning news radio. Traffic sometimes stops. But that doesn’t stop the city from moving at its insane pace.

São Paulo is a cornucopia of opportunities for those who want to create, make, consume. Work and pleasure blend. But one thing is for sure: those who are just visiting get to enjoy the city a lot more.

In the last few years, the banning of billboards and signs within city limits has revealed a beauty that São Paulo itself never knew it had. “Stay another day,” recommends the Department of Tourism to the hurried tourist. Excellent advice.


O que fazer em São Paulo

Some of the most interesting tours are downtown: the State Pinacoteca (Art Museum), the Portuguese Language Museum and The Municipal Market can be combined into a day trip. Looking at Paulista Ave. from the two opposing viewpoints is also an interesting idea:  from the terrace on Itália Building and the Unique Hotel.

The shopping experience ranges from A to Z – including the most sophisticated shopping malls to streets famous for their bargains, like José Paulino, 25 de Março and Santa Ifigênia.

The Itaim-Jardins axis takes the prize for most restaurants, but Higienópolis is catching up. When it comes to the nightlife, the Vila Madalena – Vila Olímpia rivalry has been given a new player: Baixo Augusta, a favorite for lovers of the alternative lifestyle.