UDI - Uberlândia


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Minas’s second largest city, Uberlândia is the unofficial capital of the Minas Triangle (region in western Minas Gerais). The city grew in part thanks to its strategic positioning, virtually the same distance to Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Brasília – and at the halfway point between the last two.

The powerful economy, based on agriculture and on hosting the headquarters of Brazil’s largest wholesalers, makes the city a services and business tourism hub. In addition to good hotels, there is an important convention center, one of the largest in the country, occupying the same space as a traditional shopping mall.

With its organized traffic, cut by large avenues and parallel city blocks, Uberlândia is far from being a mere commercial hub – it also has parks, good restaurants, and a lively nightlife.


The main attraction is Sabiá Park, a huge green space that includes woods, a running trail, pools, a zoo and even a soccer stadium, the João Havelange. Also visit Victório Siqueirolli park, a conservation area of the Brazilian savannah.

The city's main avenues, João Naves Dávila and Rondon Pacheco intersect at the convention center; and the latter has good restaurants and bars, and concentrates part of the nightlife.

Away from downtown both the Dinosaur Park (with life size replicas) and the nearby Miranda Dam are great tourist attractions. From the power plant on the immense reservoir, you can see the entire Araguari River as well as the current on the dam.