VIX - Vitória


Two in one

By Ricardo Freire

Travel guides tend to address Vitória and Vila Velha in separate chapters. In practice, however, visitors quickly see that the cities are inseparable. You can wake up at your hotel in Vitória, go to the beach – or to a meeting – in Vila Velha, and be back in time for lunch.

Vitória’s central part is on an island. Two bridges take you from Vitória’s port district to downtown Vila Velha, while the gallant third bridge connects the noblest neighborhoods in each city: the Canto and Costa beaches.

But when you land in Vitória, you don't only get two cities. The cookie cutter beaches of Guarapari are less than 50 km (31 mi) away – as is Domingos Martins, in the beautiful (but little known) Capixaba Mountains.

O que fazer em Vitória

The region’s post-card sight is in Vila Velha: the Our Lady of Penha Convent, situated at the top of a hill overlooking both cities. Also in Vila Velha, visit the Garoto chocolate factory and the Railroad Museum.

Vitória cultivates its history at Cidade Alta, near downtown. The tastiest option is eating a Capixaba pie (filled with seafood and hearts of palm) on Caieiras Island. The best present: a clay pan made by the Goabeiras potters.

In Guarapari, hit the happening Bacuti beach, in Enseada Azul – and then try the authentic Capixaba moqueca (seafood stew) at one of the restaurants in Meaípe. Another great option for the end of the day is to enjoy some crab on Itaparica beach, in Vila Velha.