Praia dos Carneiros

Praia dos Carneiros
This is the one!

On the southern coast of Pernambuco, neighboring Porto de Galinhas, you will find a small and charming slice of heaven.  Praia dos Carneiros is a great alternative to the bustling region and a sought-after destination by those who dream of saying “I do” at its beachfront chapel.

The São Benedito church is currently one of the most coveted locations by Pernambuco brides and grooms.  From the top of the stairs leading into the chapel, all you see is a vast expanse of blue waters, surrounded by green.

The wilderness clad beach has a completely relaxing atmosphere.  The water temperature is always pleasant and entices tourists to spend their days lounging by the sea.

Origin of the name

Zaldo Rocha, owner of the Sítio da Boa Esperança Inn, states that several fishermen's stories tell the tale of the origin for the name Carneiros. Some of the tales mention the possibility of seeing sheep (carneiros) when the waves break at night. However, the most probable source for the name lies in history. According to land titles, the area belonged to a family whose last name was Carneiro.


If you’re looking for culture, the Bangalôs do Garneleiro Inn hosts movie sessions followed by musical attractions every fortnight.  Well known names in the Pernambucano film industry, like directors Lírio Ferreira and Cláudio Assis, have graced the screens of the Carneiros Beach Film Club. The inn currently comprises six bungalows, 13 apartments and has recently been upped with a pool that includes a hot-tub.
Guests, who were mostly couples, have gradually become more family oriented.


The Inn’s restaurant is on-site and can serve approximately 150 people per weekend. You can savor the beer shrimp and Pernambucano fish stew from the comfort of your beach chairs.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, your best bet is the Beijupirá restaurant.  The restaurant’s flagship dish is the lagostanga (lobster-mango), a lobster served in butter with grilled slices of mango and celery rice.  Another must-eat is the tropical shrimp, served in a pineapple and flambéed in whiskey, on a bed of cashew rice.

Where to Eat

Phone number: (81) 3676-1342

Phone number: (81) 3676-1461


Phone number: (81) 3676-1421
Those looking for a tour can board the catamaran (parallel canoes) for R$35 per person. On the tour, one can see Guadalupe beach and the mangroves as well as the famous meeting of the Formoso and Arikindá rivers, which forms the Carneiros cove in reaching the ocean. Upon arriving at the natural pools, you can rent a scuba mask for R$5 and get a clear view of the colorful fish of various species. For the same prices you can also buy a bag of food to attract them closer.
Bangalôs do Gameleiro (Gameleiro Bungalows)

Phone number: (81) 3676-1421.

R$ 350 per night per couple during high season.

Pousada Praia dos Carneiros (Carneiros Beach Inn) 

Phone number: (81) 3676-1342.

R$ 320 per night per couple in a standard room.

Pontal dos Carneiros Beach Bangalôs (Pontal Carneiros Beach Bungalows)

Phone number: (81) 3465-0055.

R$ 700 per night per couple in a bungalow with hot-tub.

Pousada Sítio da Prainha (Sitio da Prainha Inn)

Phone number: (81) 3676-1681.

R$ 400 per night per couple during high season.

Pousada Sítio da Boa Esperança (Sítio da Boa Esperança  Inn)

Phone number: (81) 9254-2520/(81) 9962-1391.
R$ 300 to R$ 400 per night per couple during high season.