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When to arrive at the airport

After so much preparation for your trip, make sure you don't miss your flight because of delays in getting to the airport. Plan ahead and, for international flights, try to arrive 2 hours* before your flight’s departure time.
Pay attention to your flight departure time, because you must arrive early at the airport. For domestic flights you should arrive one hour prior to departure. For international flights we recommend that you arrive at least two hours ahead of time.
If you haven’t checked in online or via your mobile phone, head to one of GOL’s self-service stations or to the customer service counter as soon as you arrive at the airport to do your check-in.
Once you’re checked in, the next step is to check your baggage so that you can board. If you confirmed your reservation online or via your mobile phone, as soon as you arrive at the airport you can go to GOL's exclusive baggage check counter. You will leave your bag there so that it can be sent to the airplane. 
At some airports the baggage check counter is at the GOL customer service counter. If you have questions about checking your bags, please find one of our customer service attendants.  They are ready to help you.
And don’t forget! Each passenger is entitled to 23 kg (50 lbs) of baggage on domestic flights and most Latin American destinations. Anything over that weight will be charged as excess baggage. Also be aware of the objects that cannot be checked and must be transported as cargo. 

*If boarding in Bolivia, arrive at the airport for 3 hours before your check-in time. The local baggage control authorities inspect bags thoroughly.​