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No Show

Before boarding

After purchasing the air ticket, please prepare the documents and the luggage, and take care of what you are required to do before boarding to your flight.

Please read here below some tips about what must be checked:

Not Being Present at the Boarding Time – No show

The non-attendance at the check-in, having enough time for the passenger´s service* or at the boarding door** is considered as being no show.

When it so happens, the passenger will have to pay a fine according to the specific table of charges, and IT WILL CAUSE THE CANCELLATION OF ALL OF THE SUBSEQUENT FLIGHTS IN THE SAME RESERVATION.

In order to avoid troubles, you should always cancel in advance the flight reservations that you will not utilize.

In case of a new reservation for another flight, the passenger will have to pay occasional differences in the air fares, just in case, due to price increases as well as the non-availability of the same air fare type for the new flight that is needed.

After the no show, the changes will be allowed to be made only by means of the GOL Sales Central Office (phone: (55) 0300 115 2121) or at the airports, being subjected to the service fee.

As from May 2012, the air tickets, as issued with Smiles for GOL flights, are no longer reimbursable in cases of no show. Regarding the air tickets as issued before that date, the changes are allowed to be made by the GOL Sales Central Office (phone: (55) 0300 115 2121) or at the airports, and they are subjected to the service costs.


* The service for passengers of local flights is closed 30 minutes before the flight time, and the service for passengers of international flights finishes 60 minutes in advance of the flight time.
** The service at the boarding door is closed 10 minutes before the flight time in every case. ​​​