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Before boarding

After purchasing your ticket, gathering your documents, and packing your bags, learn more about what you may need prior to boarding your flight. Here are some tips on what should be on your check-list.

Failure to appear at Boarding – No-show

In order to avoid hassles, always try to cancel in advance those reservations you will not use. Not arriving in a timely manner at check-in or at the boarding gate is considered a no-show, and is subject to a fine according to your specific fare regulation; in addition, a no-show RESULTS IN THE CANCELLATION OF ALL SUBSEQUENT SEGMENTS IN THE SPECIFIC RESERVATION.

We always recommend that our clients arrive at the airport 1 hour before domestic flights and 2 hours before international flights.

In case the passenger reschedules to a new flight, he or she will have to abide by potential fare differences, if any, both as a result of price increases and a lack of availability of the same fare type for the new flight.

After a No-show, changes may only be made through the GOL Sales Center (phone number: +598 2403 8007) or at an airport and are subject to a service charge.

Tickets issued with Smiles miles for GOL flights will no longer be reimbursed in case of no-show. For tickets issued before that date, changes​ can be made through the Sales Center (phone number 0300 115 2121), or at airports, and are subject to a service charge. ​​​​​